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Atelier Reiwa

It is impossible for me to live in an environment without flowers, that’s probably why, when I arrived in Tokyo where I lived 7 years, I wanted to learn ikebana (Japanese floral art).
There are many schools of ikebana in Japan, but I have chosen the Sogetsu school for its modernity, its freedom of creation and its elegance.

For the last 8 years, my Sensei (Masters) have passed on their knowledge and passion.
In 2016, I became a Master myself and Reiwa is my Ikebana teacher’s name.

With Atelier Reiwa, I want to share with you my passion, knowledge and creativity of this ancestral Japanese art. I am at your service for all your floral arrangements.


Do you Know what Reiwa means?

Reiwa is the name my teacher gave me when I earnt the teacher’s diploma 4th grade. In Japanese, it is called a “gagoh”.
The gagoh is chosen according to your personality, it is normally given in kanji and often one of the characters is taken from the teacher’s own gagoh.
My sensei (Master) gave me her Kanji “Rei”. It is a way to recognise my accomplishments and a sense of continuity from her to me, for which I am very honoured.

The 2 Kanjis used by my Master to create REIWA means Elegance and Harmony.

Anecdotally, on May 1st, 2019, with the abdication of the emperor Akihito, Japan is entering a new era which is called Reiwa! However, the 2 kanjis are different and mean “a civilisation where harmony reigns between beings”.

To create, you have to find calmness in yourself, be attentive, full of respect and love for the elements chosen.

Eliane Boulongne


Atelier Reiwa Sophie Personeni Diploma

Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa