Atelier Reiwa, Japanese refinement with a French touch

Flower arrangements and decorations

According to your budget for offices, corporates, shops, home, home staging, events etc .. I work across Singapore. I can lend you vases as required.
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Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa has an unmatched passion and dedication to providing you with stylised flower arrangements.

My workshops for adults and children : 3 hours of history, demonstrations and creativity

Workshops are a good way to consolidate professional teams, to have a fun time with friends or family, to entertain a kids party, to offer a unique gift to someone who loves flowers.
Workshops are available in schools in French or English
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
Atelier Reiwa
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Sharing my passion during workshop, in a friendly and convivial atmosphere, is pure happiness for me.
If you are looking for a memorable experience in English or French, please contact me. My workshops can be adopted to your needs.
Atelier Reiwa
My Work
The flowers are a must in our decorations...

Harmonious, with Japanese notes, I create “pictorial” compositions according to traditional Japanese principles, as a work of art. My compositions are handcrafted, personalized and unique. They convey both an emotion and a story. The story of 7 years of learning in Japan with a master in Ikebana. The ikebana has a place for every occasion and will continue to surprise you! Are you ready to bring an original ikebana composition into your environment? Do not hesitate to contact me.

Atelier Reiwa
About me
Decorating venues to enhance occasions.

A passion, a dream, hours of Ikebana training, or just ideas. With Atelier Reiwa, I want to share my passion of this ancestral Japanese art with you. Along with my knowledge and creativity, I am at your service for all your floral arrangements.

Atelier Reiwa
Why? Because it is not a simple bouquet of flowers but a beautiful decorative object!

Ikebana embodies a true lifestyle of Japanese culture that consists of finding beauty through observation and respect for nature. Sleek, modern and refined, the ikebana fits into all interiors and is a growing art becoming more and more recognised. To make your space welcoming, adopt the floral art of the country of the rising sun!

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“ I must have flowers, always and always”

Claude Monet